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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 4, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PST

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for the superdome last night. this power outage lasted 30 minutes in the send half. we have video of that to show you. it was a weird one, there were emergency lights on inside the superdome so it wasn't that people were in pitch black but they were nervous much the players didn't know what to do. some stress. some sat on the bench. as it turned out it was a game changer for the 49ers. >> the power outage make a difference? >> maybe the momentum shifted after that. to our favor, actually. and we weren't going to win that game. >> just heartbreak. to watch them come back and get so close and not win it was heartbreak. after the game you just watched
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massive red and gold piling out of the superdome and not a single fan wanted to watch the trophy understand. but, it was a great game and it has been a great week here in new orleans so hopefully fans will joined their time even if not the outcome of the game. >> thank you very much. they are a young team and they will get a chance to come back. this is what the fans here are saying. a handful of fans were arrested after the loss in the super bowl. police were gathered up for much worse if the team won. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in the mission district. amy? >> the victory happened on the streets of san francisco. look at mission street. all we see this morning is a garbage truck. no problems to report. very quiet night. very peaceful. no mess to enwhich up -- to
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clean up. police had several more officers out than after the world series. they closed about ten blocks of mission street, just in case. they towed all the parked cars off the street. they cleared the trash cans. this wassing in to flip over or set on fire. after the loss the mood was subdued and fans reflected and appreciative. >> humiliating game but i got an exciting game and that made it worth it, and i am okay with the defeat. loss happens but they tried and they fought back. >> police think they arrested about 25 people last night for public intoxication and they say they will have a final count later this morning. officers say they had a few people throw bottles at them and one person did try to start a fire but police shut down that activity quickly. over all they are calling it a peaceful night. or thing live in san francisco for abc7 news.
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>> a lot more ahead this morning on the super bowl coming up, the commercials that are called the big winners and the music that entertain football fans on sports biggest stage. >> developing news from san jose this morning, police say gang violence could be to blame for the fourth homicide of the year. two people were shot last night at 9:00 near an elementary school. one was found dead at the seen. a second was hospitalized and is expected to live. police have not identified the gunman. >> san jose police are investigating a fire at a marijuana grow house that broke out at midnight at a house. no one was home at the time and firefighters broke down a garage door to put out the fire. inside the house they found up to 400 marijuana plants which police have seized as evidence. it is estimated that $47 worth of stolen power was used to grow
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the marijuana. >> there was a horrific bus crash in southern california with a death toll at 8 but expected to climb. it happened 80 miles east of los angeles. the driver had brake problems before the crash and 27 people were injured and the because was carrying a group from mexico. the road is still closed this morning. >> fairfield police are asking for the public's health investigating the death of a 13-year-old. her naked body was found in a park on friday morning. official are not releasing the cause of death and only say her body showed no obvious signs of trauma. investigators spent the weekend going door-to-door. police where the girl lived in a foster home say the guardian reported her missing on thursday night. >> four murder suspects in a deadly home invasion in silicon
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valley are expected to enter a plea. an entrepreneur was found murdered in his mansion in november. his wife had been assaulted. three are accused of murder. a fourth suspect, raven dixon, is a prostitute who had a relationship with a suspect. court documents paint the personal and business dolings of the entrepreneur in an unsavory light with accusations he tried to hide millions in assets from his business partners. >> this morning, a search continues in santa rosa for a missing man last seen saturday morning entering a state park. that night a mountain biker saw someone matching the description and the biker said he was naked and chanting. the relatives say the missing man has mental health issues. he is white, thin, 6' 6" tall with sandy hair. you know when your kids lose, you say "this is next time."
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i tell myself that, this morning, and it still hurts. >> did it do that to you? it is okay. >> there is always next year. >> mike has a look at our forecast and a change coming later in the week. >> the sun will come up today with a lost should cover and the sun will come up. here is a look at cloud cough to the north that will spill over the bay area through the morning. we will see increasing sunshine today and the cooling trend over the weekend is going to level off the next day or so and then we will get cooler headed into the week. today, we have fog and haze and clouds and temperatures are 39 inland and mid-40's around the bay and the coast at 7:00 and low-to-mid 50's with clouds by noon and the sunshine during the afternoon hours and we will hang in the mid-50's to around 60 and it will be pleasant in a quiet evening under partly cloudy sky, mid-40's to low 50's. the next three days, the pattern starts to shift tomorrow. you can see the cooler weather arriving wednesday and the
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chance for light rain. that is the key. it will be height rain for thursday, with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. now the traffic. sue? >> good morning, so fares so good, if you are traveling from marin county, no road work this morning or fog. right now, three lanes for the southbound commute that will expand to four lanes when the commute is underway. southbound 101 and marin william -- marin ymca, light traffic. eastbound 280, railroad, and westbound is starting to slow beyond the highway four bypass moving out of antioch to pittsburg at ten minutes into concord. >> it was almost as big a hit as the game beyonce brought her fans to the speech with a spectacular super bowl half time show and the record she set.
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>> an amazing video from england at buckingham palace. >> but, first, the tech bytes this morning. >> searching during the super bowl. the top search on google during the game was for a live stream of the game. on bing it was the super bowl then the blackout. apple is now the top smartphone seller in the united states if the first time thanks to the launch of iphone 5, with 39 percent of the market, and sam sing had 30 percent. now, the fastest growing mobile game has 50 million downloads in less than two weeks and it deserves i. >> a game of this quality is free, when you download it there are so many challenges, it keeps you coming back. esap
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>> san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:42. now, the embarcardero and the bay bridge and the bay lights are tested again. it is a pretty only but there are clouds with a change for a cooler week. will we see rain? mike nicco has that coming up. >> president obama today is campaigning for gun reform laws outside of washington. he will meet with law enforcement experts about reducing gun violence. the president will pitch the ban to install universal background checks. key members of the administration are focusing on immigration reform today. homeland security secretary napolitano, will talk with police around the country about securing the borders. >> today could be the day that boy scouts ends a ban on bays.
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they will replace the ban with a policy to individual troop sponsors determining their own policy at the local level. on sunday, president obama praised the boy scouts as a great institution. he serves as honorary president of the organization and hopes leaders will vote to make it more inclusive. >> in london tourists witnessed chaos during the changing of the guard outside the buckingham palace when a man brandished two knives. police moved in and took him down with a taser. tourists captured this on cameras and phones and posted them on youtube. >> they tazed him in a couple of seconds. >> police say the man is believed to be in his 50's and they have not released anymore information. the queen and prince philip were not inside the palace at the time. >> the most emotional moments of
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the super bowl came right before the game. ♪ oh beautiful ♪ for space spacious skies >> jennifer hudson joined students from sandy hook elementary school who took to the big of the stage, seven weeks after 20 classmates and six adults were shot to death at their school. >> many the records set was one that had fingers flying during half time. >> super bowl, one, two, three, four. >> when beyonce reunited with former members of destiny's child, twitter blew up, experienced 270,000-related tweet as minute during event, six million tweets in all after the show, beyonce revealed details of the next concert tour that bring her to san jose in
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july. >> you think it was the mega star power that caused the outage? >> the play-by-play guys...but it was good for the time and they started playing football. >> they d it was so close and that is what makes it so tough to swallow this morning. audi. very difficult. >> now, we will not have the case as we start the week. >> not this morning, but we will have a bright are day by the end of the day. if you wake up gray you will match the weather but by the end of the day, you will have a bright are day. beautiful picture as i drove through downtown today some of the stuff they are doing here. isn't that cool? can't wait until it is finished. we will move on and show you live doppler 7 hd and here we are showing cloud cover out there but it is mainly low clouds and fog and haze. there is no rain from the clouds. it will be dry for your start
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this morning. no need to worry about the wet weather gear today. however, as we get deeper into the forecast, say, thursday and friday, we finally have a chance of rain. light. but a chance. >> now, temperature-wise it is very mild out there and we are still in the upper 30's in livermore and los gatos and napa and novato and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50's and the exceptions are oakland and san francisco, at 48 degrees. monterey bay we have upper 30 to low 40's. here is what will happen, we will have clouds, brighter afternoon, temperatures are close to average, cooler days are on the way on wednesday, thursday, and friday. wednesday we on the door to cooler weather and thursday and friday we have a chance of light rain and scattered light showers and beyond friday the weekend will be dry and warmer. today, we will take a few degrees up in most areas. san jose, oakland, santa rosa, two degrees warmer than yesterday, and concord and san
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francisco, one, and fremont two degrees cooler. you are not going to notice a change compared to yesterday unless you were inside all day. upper 50's along the coast into san francisco, and richard, and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us and the monterey bay the clouds will not be so extensive. a few 30's inland tonight but the clouds rush back in and it will be a hazy morning again tomorrow. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures running one to two degrees cooler tomorrow and wednesday and thursday and friday are we barely make the mid-50's and saturday and sunday are more dry and warmer. >> happy monday. light traffic conditions. so far, so good. a live look at the macarthur maze. from the east on 580 or south or 880 or the west, whichever 80 freeway, it is looking good to
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the macarthur maze. the bay bridge toll plaza has no issues. it is light and in problem on the upper deck. in pleasant hill we had a car off the freeway at 680, now the fence will have to be repaired on 680 but no affect yet on the roadway. >> new details this morning in the alabama hostage drama now in the seventh day. the kidnapper is keeping the five-year-old hostage as comfortable as possible. the boy is identified by his first name, ethan, and the captors allows negotiators to send in medicine. the 65-year-old has demanded a reporter be sent in and 500 turned out for a funeral for the bus driver gunned down trying to protect the kids on the bus. >> the man accused of killing one of the most skilled snipers
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in history is an earthquake war veteran. chris kyle was shot at pointblank after helping the 25-year-old former marine who is believed to have been suffering from ptsd and was later arrested near dallas where police found a semi-automatic handgun believed the murder weapon. >> searches in mexico city found two more bodies in the rubble of a building damage by a blast. the discovery raises the toll to thrive from thursday's explosion at the offices of mexico's state run oil giant a. 121 people were hurt and two are sometime missing. investigators are trying to determine if the blast was an accident, negligence or an attack. >> the super bowl is one of the biggest parties of the year, whether you celebrate or not it could affect you today. we will tell you how. >> we have the super bowl commercials and our favorites and next a new survey reroles which w
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>> a study suggests it gets better for gay teens being bullied. as they got older the name-calling and violence faced by lesbian and gay and bisexual teens dropped off. more than half of 4,100 teens were bullied but by age 19 it was less than 10 percent. this appears online. >> bosses take note, you may see more workers coming in late or calling in shock. what a shot. thank the super bowl. more or sick or late today than any other day. over four million will be late to work. an -- absences are high among young adults, and it was the 9 the annual pup pup bowl the
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roughest "ruff" on four legs playing with two toys until one makes it to the end zone, there is even an mvp. and a kitty half time show and hedge hog cheerleaders. >> the super bowl means more than football. the commercials have people talking. new this morning, there is a favorite. ♪ you see my reflection ♪ in a snow covered ♪ will the landslide ♪ bring it down >> did you shed a tear? >> no. according to "usa today" survey of 7,000 people the ad for budweiser is the top ranked commercial this year. the ad features a trainer reunited with a horse he raised and tide featuring a stain in
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the shape of joe montana, and a chrysler ram advertisement was third. >> when you have been to the stables in st. louis you have a who different thought on the clydesdales. mike? >> thank you very much. coming up on 4:55, starting off cloudy this morning. watch the clouds start to erase, around 36 inland to 47 in san francisco and oakland and we will near normal at 57 to 63 under clouds. we will have partly cloudy conditions $the evening 47 for 52. it will be quiet around the state with live doppler 7 hd showing nothing here and temperatures running above
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average and mid-60's through the central valley, and low-to-upper 70 tahoe and yosemite and 64 in san diego. >> in san jose, northbound, this is light traffic. no delays moving northbound. the san mateo bridge has tail lights head on the flat section to foster city. both directions are moving at the limit. no problems only with a car that went through a fence off of 680 at pleasant hill that hit a power pole. 680 is not affected. >> 4:56. a new airline will soon land at san jose international airport, virgin america will offer daily service to los angeles which is
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headquartered locally, and will offer four flights from san jose to los angeles each day, and the mercury news hopes the flights lead virgin america to offer flights to other cities from san jose. >> very soon, the city of san francisco is considering getting rid of old parking meters and replacing them with devices that take different forms of pavement and offer different hourly rates. the new park devices that are only four years old could be relayed and contractors will submit bids next month. no estimate, yet, on the cost. >> not too early to look for a summer job at great america with interviews for singers and dancers and technicians and great america is looking for 2,500 summer hires for the santa clara park. interviews take place tonight at the jackson theater in fremont from 6:30 to 9:30. the job fair will continue
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through the 17th. >> the niners nearly come back from the 22-point deficit in a thrill be super bowl game. next, the rousing welcome in store when they return to the bay area. >> the niners only have one more season left at candlestick park and this morning we find out what will happen to
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. tough to get out of bed this morning. >> we are still trying to have a smile on our face. there is always next season. tough loss last night.
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>> we will get you started with a look at weather forecast that promises to be interesting. >> absolutely. still winter but you would not know it by the last couple of weeks. live doppler 7 hd shows cloud cover out there but it is slow almost locking like marine layer clouds. they will pull back to the coast and bring us sunshine throughout the afternoon. there is no cloud hanging over you, literally, and it will go away later today. temperatures in the upper 30's to mid-40's. upper 40's around oakland and san francisco. now, temperatures, increasing sunshine at coast where we will have the greatest amount of clouds and mid-to-upper 50's. upper 50's to mid-60's this afternoon inland. >> now, at look at 680 through the walnut creek area. the southbound direction is moving nicely beyond north main and toward 24 and in the northbound direction toward pleasant hill we had a cargo o


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